The best USB -C monitors for M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro

The best USB -C monitors for M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro: If you have an M1 MacBook Air or M1 MacBook Pro, then there is no better option than choosing the USB C. monitor which not only allows you to use the MacBook connection , but also the rapid transfer data, the high quality screen, the laptop of load at the same time and the list is endless.

However, if you plan to buy the USB C monitors for your professional work that can give high performance such as MacBook, here we compile the best list of USB C monitors for M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro you can consider buying.

The best USB -C monitors for M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro


Screen size: 34 inches | Update reduction: 60 HERTZ

If you want one of the best USB-C monitors for M1 MacBook Air or M1 MacBook Pro that is perfectly done for professional work, then LG Curved Wqhd Monitor is worth its dollars safely. The highlight that makes it exceptional is the Curved Ultrawide 2K screen that looks impressive and for creative work such as editing your cherry at the top.

In addition, not only the exhibition will offer a perfect combination of colors while working, but also improve the vision thanks to the anti-glare coating with the hardness of 3h. At the same time, you will not feel low shine even in daylight.

In addition, here you will find the USB type C that is compatible with M1 MacBooks for which it will transfer important files, delivery of fast charging energy and more.

When it comes to design, this ultrawide with a thin edge looks attractive, in addition, the new design support gives the table unique. Did I tell you that you can also adjust the stand according to your right sight?

In general, if you love to make multitasking and want a Premium class WQHD monitor with USB C for M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro, this is the best option you can buy.

2. Philips Brilliance 279p1 Monitor without frame

Screen size: 27 inches | Update speed: 60Hz

If you want a versatile USB C monitor that works with M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro, then Philips Brilliance stands out from the previous one when bringing a 4K UHD screen. More importantly, it is packaged with an IPS panel, which means that it will obtain a first level image quality and a wide viewing angle with security. So, for work such as programming or edition, it will not disappoint you.

And the story does not end here, the one with a USB C power delivery of up to 65 watts, which is quite good at the same time, transfer your files at high speed or see HD video without worrying. Did I tell you that there is a built -in 3W duo stereo speaker?

As I said previously, the quality of the screen is unbeatable, all work of high professionals work without problems with clear quality. In addition, while working, you can also enable your light sensor function for a perfect shine.

Apart from that, here Philips takes care of us by providing an ergonomic adjustment such as the height of change, turn, inclination and even turning. Guay, right?

When it comes to design and quality built, it is undoubtedly seen professional thanks to the design without frame, in addition to the quality of constructed support is lasting and stable.

In general, if you want the best quality of visualization, multiple ports and top -level performance at an affordable price, then Philips Brilliance is good to buy.

3. Asus Proart Monitor

Screen size: 27 inches | Update reduction: 75 Hertz

The Asus Proart monitor combines many good things. From the WQHD screen and the 75Hz update rate to the thin and ergonomic design, this is a professional standard monitor that the large number of users is making the video edit effortless. In addition, the great angle panel gives you the advantage of a wide space to play.

In the affordable price segment, you will obtain several ports with USB C that has an energy delivery of 65 W so quickly transfer files and charge MacBook at maximum speed.

The best thing for you is the 75Hz update rate with adaptive synchronization technology that means that you will get a quick and soft screen while running high graphic software.

Apart from that, from an ergonomic point of view here, Asus comes with adjustment of height, inclination, pivot and rotating so surely it will be useful and easy to work for long hours of work.

There are some inconveniences as if you miss the speakers and the design is quite normal. Although it is perfect for office work.

In general, at an affordable price, this ASUS PRO has a first -level quality and aspect. More importantly, it has USB C PW 65 for M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro. So, another option you can choose.

4. ViewSIC VG2755 Monitor

Screen size: 27 inches | Update reduction: 60 HERTZ

If you do not want to burn the hole in your pocket, in addition, at the same time, you are looking for excellent performance and a USB C personal monitor that works with M1 MacBooks, then you cannot be wrong with Viewsonic. This is a 27 -inch monitor that comes with the Full HD screen (1080p). The good thing is to keep in mind is that your thin IPS Bevel panel, which gives you an advantage of view, in addition to it also looks impressive.

Another good thing for professionals who work to edit or use high -end software is the 60Hz update rate that gives the advantage of the fast and soft transition.

Now, reaching the connectivity part, here the Usb 3.1 type C monitor, HDMI screen port 1.4 and USB 3.0 inputs.

If we talk about its built quality, the general monitor has a fairly good reputation in the market plus the support has a stable structure. So don't worry on this side.

In case you are in love with this monitor but you want a 2K or 4K screen, you can also check more options of the same brand. Although the price will vary.

In general, if you want a USB C monitor from the home office that can connect with the latest MacBook Pro or M1 MacBook Air, this proves to be a good purchase.

5. Lenovo Q24H-10 USB-C Monitor

Screen size: 23.8 inches | Update reduction: 75 Hertz

How does the Premium Slim design monitor sound? If it is interesting, let me introduce you to Lenovo Q24. This could be the perfect choice to connect with your M1 MacBook. This impressive IPS QHD panel is thin and allows you to watch high quality videos, professional work, video editing and effortless programming.

That is not all, this also includes some excellent game features such as free AMD synchronization technology that provides a soft and fast transition also for the game in the software. In addition, the response time of 4 ms is also fantastic. In case you also want a built -in speaker, then the 3W speaker has done the job.

Now the monitor has a USB C type that not only transfers the file at a super fast speed, but also has a power delivery of 80W, which is crazy. Good?

Lenovo really comes with Beast Monitor at this budget price that should not be lost.

In general, the monitor is economical, it has all the characteristics required plus an impressive design that is surely a table. Don't wait any longer, look right now.

Wrapping: Under -C monitors for M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro

Therefore, these were the best monitors with USB C type connectivity that work without problems with M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro new laptops, you can consider for professional and personal use.

As always, the market is flooded by the large number of different monitors brands, while not all brands adhere to a good reputation. Above we have included economical premium monitors that can buy. Finally, make mature decisions according to your need.